Blog2018 ≫ PTA Quiz was a success

Planned to get out of work a bit early so as to spend more time with thing one on his birthday, though we were planning to abandon him and go to the PTA Quiz. It wasn't starting until approximately bed time anyway.

Typical Friday thing, everything broke really badly about just after half four so a little panic here. Then when I figured out who had caused the issue, and it wasn't me, was able to hand it over to other people to fix. Home in good time!

He had had a very good day at school and was still excited about his presents, so after birthday tea and cake, back on the Nintendo Switch again.

Clare and I headed out to the quiz leaving Grandpa to put the boys to bed. Quiz was very good, very well organised, not many people there really but not a bad number. When word gets out how good the prizes were next year's will be oversubscribed for sure.

We came second, by only half a point, ah but, they were a bigger team. We claim the moral victory.

One question was identifying a flag, we got it wrong, but on describing it to thing one in the morning he got the answer straight away.

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