Blog2005 ≫ Please drive by carefully in our village

One of the very few things I'll miss about not commuting into work on the 243 bus any more is the graffiti. There are some big works by Banksy and others that you get a fine view of from the Kingsland Road. A reallly simple one just said Please drive by carefully in our village on what I thought was a train bridge, you can check it out here1. And that's the only place you can, because this week that bridge has disappeared! It's part of the development of the area behind what was Shoreditch Library into flats. I always thought it was a train bridge, but I'm guessing it's not, as there are big chunks of it missing now. It's sure to be all gone by the time I get back into the area with a camera, and I'm not sure I can be arsed to get off the bus to take a picture anyway. I'm assuming it's Banksy too, because says so.

Here's a cool site3 covering things of interest you can see walking round the area, it has some good stuff on Stokey too4. Mmm, "stroke newington"...

Since you ask, the only other things I think I will miss from that commute are the massive adverts, and some of the buildings. The posters are just where the bus turns from Kingsland Road into Old Street near Hoxton Square. Maybe it's just because they're for products that I like, like IPOD and booze, but I like the oversizedness of them and the way they dominate that bit of town, like a low rent Picadilly Circus, and they're HUGE, and I think they'd brighten up any town, I'd love to see some in Folkestone." title="IPODs). Maybe I'll list all the buildings I like another time, but the main bad boy is Identity, a hairdressers, it has a crazy 1930s cartoon robot face. More buildings with faces!

[hmm I used to have a picture of Identity here]

Wow getting a bit like real blogging there, though I've long faded from my self imposed remit of posting local stuff for local people. Hopefully leaving work in a bit, heading down to Folkestone for a weekend of mostly decorating, though also fitting in childrens birthdays and maybe watching rugby too.

Apparently someone was killed right outside our office today, on Farringdon Road, hit by a car I think. The road was closed completely for a few hours, all back now, and I can find no news about it. Did find that The Guardian are converting their offices into flats though5. Something nice and cheap would make a very nice pied-a-terre!

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