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Popbitch party was last night, a little trial of a new venue, Centro on Grays Inn Road, worked well though I didn't stay long... went instead for pints at the Rose and Crown and then The Defoe and then a Chinese from some place on Church Street we'd not tried before. They had a good range of vege options but they were all confusingly titled "vegetarian stir fried beef" etc... My tofu in black bean sauce was quite nice but the tofu tasted like it was pickled. Or maybe I was pickled. Not as nice as the New World in Deptford anyway.

Tasks:Lots of rewriting of popex, to make it faster and to make it reusable (via a module) more easily on intranet and other Barfly bits... Then today, more of the same, but from home. Working on Amazon's web services, a way of integrating Amazon content on my site, so as to have more content that people might be searching for, and more links to earning affiliate deals. Big boost to popex numbers this week, the recruitment drive worked well Sorting out some more ads, crap money but better than nothing.

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Thu Jul 17 2003

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