Blog2018 ≫ Actually not all is quiet on new years day

Happy New Year! We did not stay up to see in the new year last night, I went to bed about 11ish as I'm still a bit ill (man flu day four, phlegmy cough now mostly, not aching as much, so improving). Slept badly, woken by fireworks and things nearby that I'm sure went on a lot later than they ought. Then was just awake unnecessarily early and not going back to sleep so got up. Clare working today, weather dreadful. Doing minor chores around the house while the boys play Mario Galaxy and trying to get bluetooth working on raspbian stretch on the raspberry pi. It is a hassle, unless you do everything exactly the same way as everyone else. I suspect THE MAN is involved in making it so hard, it's frustrating enough to make me want to throw it all in and just buy the necessary subscriptions to get the authorised music services streamed directly at me. I should give up my own music collection and rent a different one back, from Simon Cowell.

raspberry pi: Credit card sized super cheap computer, awesome.

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