PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Tara Lapinski

Bay Park Square Mall, Green Bay, WI

I went there April 26th, 2001 for a concert for Soul Decision and when me and my friends went back to the place where they were holding the concert after getting dinner, i saw someone that looked like Tara Lapinski. I was like dude, thats Tara Lapinski. So we followed her and my friend went infront of her and was like your tara lapinski and she was like yes i am. So we got pictures with her and everything. She invited us to go to her event at our Arena. But we didn't go...we all had to work that night:-(...but It was so cool. And the concert was excellent too!Edited by luvdapunkerchic (124943), Mon 4 Aug 5:03


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