Blog2010 ≫ I sold the PSP and the CD!

55 for the PSP and even the Motley Crue CD sold...

My recent foray into [(/wiki/#ebay) selling were a qualified success; 55 quid for the ebay]PSP and 99p for the CD. Both bargains for the buyers I think, both things that I would not have used again, a win all round. That's not much for a CD, but seriously what are they worth these days? To me, nothing, and when I tried to sell them at the boot fair I got on average way less than this per album. I think I priced the postage right too, so I don't dip out there. If only work had not stopped allowing us to use the post room here... If you are my lucky buyers I will get these items weight and packed and out to you asap.

"Holiday" report on the way, we have been away for a long weekend including two days and nights in Winchester. Really feels like the end of summer here, raining horribly.

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