Blog2010 ≫ Day two at FOWA 2010

I'm up early how about you?

Went out for dinner with work last night at Searcy's in the Barbican, looks to be a nice place but not ideal for me. They would not compromise on their rare steaks for anyone, let alone offer something vegan. Had a nice chilled soup starter though.

I bailed before going on for more drinks with my colleagues, just about all of whom are my boss in some way or other. Would have been funny to see them getting progressively more tipsy, did I err? They were heading in to the official FOWA party when I saw them last. I Still got back to the hotel too late to watch The Inbetweeners, bah. Was up early this morning though so had two breakfasts in the City Travelodge1, then back to The Brewery for a coffee and some free wifi and time to check my emails and write this.

Got a good seat in time for the first talk, think I can stay in this room all day for Jason Calacanis' keynote, then "The Future of HTML5, SVG and CSS3" (my fourth HTML5 talk of the conference!), "NoSQL2 - The Death of the Relational Database?" (it has a question mark, so if it's a question I think the answer is no), "The 37signals3 way: A look into the design process of 37signals", "Location, Location, Location (Joe Stump - SimpleGeo4)", "The Future of JavaScript and jQuery (John Resig5)", and then hopefully heading off and watching the last two talks online so I can be home before The boy goes to bed.

Time for the first talk!

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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