Blog2003 ≫ Oyster Card Fears

My Oyster card messed up for the first time today, I'm not sure staff really know what to do when this happens. First bus it worked fine, then on the next bus in Finsbury Park it gave me a red light. The driver didn't know what this meant, except that it wasn't valid. He tried suggesting it was only valid for the underground and not busses, then that it was a British Rail Oyster card and so not valid. The paper "record" that you get with the card is the only physical thing that says when it's valid from / to and it's very hard to read, but I knew I'd paid so I wasn't getting off. He tried it again and again, and then got a card of his own out, which got a green light, which somehow proved the system was working OK. So I just got on the bus, without a ticket and without paying any money. So now possibly THE MAN is after me! Well, he might be, if he could tell who I was, if his ID card system was working. Hope it's OK to get home on!

Tasks for the day, mostly popex admin (still recovering from Friday's disaster), a little barfly development, importing a few thousand names into the Barfly system (from York Fibbers), and writing an insert for the board report.

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