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8.99 \"in game\" payment, bit much I think...

1.19 for CAMRA1's iphone app initially, but then an "in game" payment of 8.99 to keep it, sounds a bit much to me. Only the same sort of price as the book, but still. Should make the initial app free if you're going to do something like that.

After an initial burst of enthusiasm for them, I'm feeling not quite convinced by apps at the moment. The only ones I use need an internet connection so could be as good as a web page. I might start using m.twitter.com2 instead of Twitterific and see how I get on. I have not completely written them off, I will get my own app on soon. Just being a bit slow not having a mac that I can put the SDK on at home.

CAMRA is pleased to announce that the Good Beer Guide Mobile is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch the perfect solution to pub-finding on the move.

Simple to use, Good Beer Guide Mobile provides detailed information for all 4,500-plus current Good Beer Guide pubs and initially costs just 1.19 for 30 days. You can then subscribe to the service for a whole year from within the application for 8.99.

You can download the application directly through the App Store by clicking on the button below.

Download the Good Beer Guide Mobile from the App Store Good Beer Guide Mobile

*Complete entries for over 4,500 independently-selected urban and rural pubs, giving details of beer, food, opening hours, transport links, facilities for families and more. *Fully independent pub reviews, written by local CAMRA members. *Unique tasting notes for regular beers, written by trained CAMRA tasting panels. *Search from a postcode, place name, London tube station or auto-locate using GPS (where available). *Interactive Google maps help you find your way. *Store your favourite pubs so you can go back to them later, at the touch of a button.

For more details and screenshots go to

I am a CAMRA member, I hope they don't kick me out for dismissing this app idea.

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