Blog2008 ≫ Kent for free sold out

Anyone feeling hard done by working this magically appearing non day and not getting paid any extra for it feeling hard done by? I'm not, they pointed out on BBC Breakfast today that even though we have this extra day, we have one less working day this year than last year, and next year one less day again. It's all down to where the weekends fall. Phew.

Kent is opened up for free today, are giving away tickets to all sorts of attractions. Clare remembered and tried to get us some tickets to Port Lympne, but at opening time this morning all the best freebies were suspiciously gone already. We got some tickets to the Canterbury Tales exhibition, going next month. There are still some left for minor things, here's the original report from Folkestone Gerald:

More than 15,000 free tickets to top visitor attractions across the county are available for Kent's Big Day Out.

Among those taking part are: Godinton House & Gardens, The Canterbury Tales, Dover Castle, Rochester Castle, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Ramsgate Maritime Museum.

The free tickets, two per household, will be available fom 29th February 2008, at

Organisers at VisitKent1 are urging everyone to book early to avoid disappointment.

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