Blog2010 ≫ Teeth

Little tips of teeth, barely there but we can see them...

The boy has two little teeth just protruding from his bottom gum today. We were able to feel them just below the surface and see little marks where it looked like they were coming, but today we can see them (just). No photo yet, if you try and look too closely he clams up.

He's saying Da-da-da-da-da too and making other sounds, but not linking any words to anything or anyone just yet.

Getting the train to work tomorrow for the first time since I don't know when, as Clare is going shopping for a new car seat. The boy's outgrowing this one fast. That's an extra expense for this month that I had forgotten about, on top of car repairs, tax, insurance, and then all the usuals. Don't think I saved quite that much by not drinking for two weeks. Fingers crossed for the premium bonds...

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