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Small as hell but now 4GB, but they done this by moving the controls into the headphones,. So no more trying to disguise what kind of music player you have in your pocket / clipped to the back of your tie.

Never used a shuffle before, but they're giving it more functionality, it's not just click and go now. It speaks to you too, so you get the track info without needing a screen. I like the idea of different voices depending on which kind of machine you sync'd it up from, but haven't they missed a trick by not using the "I'm a Mac" / "I'm a PC" actors (Mitchell and Webb in the UK).

So little. And yet so much. The new iPod shuffle is jaw-droppingly small (45.2 mm tall x 7.8 mm thin to be exact). It's half the size of the previous generation. Yet there's room for so much more. With 4GB of storage, it now holds up to 1,000 songs, and lets you enjoy multiple playlists, too. The controls of the new iPod shuffle are located on the right earbud cord. With command central now strategically placed in this more convenient location, you can navigate your music - and activate the VoiceOver feature - without taking your eyes off your run, your ride, or whatever you're doing. Even the iPod shuffle clip gets the rock star treatment. Now forged in stainless steel, the clip attaches securely to your shirt, jacket, workout gear, even your backpack. And the sleek, durable, anodised aluminium case - available in silver or black - makes iPod shuffle a wardrobe essential. And yes, there's still room for personalised engraving. Musically speaking, the new iPod shuffle is brilliant, thanks to an exciting new feature called VoiceOver. Say you're listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist. With the press of a button, VoiceOver tells you as the music dips down. It even announces the names of your playlists. And when your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too. You've probably made multiple playlists in iTunes. One for your commute. One for the gym. One for just chilling out. With the new iPod shuffle, you can sync your playlists and always find the perfect mix for your activity or mood. VoiceOver tells you the name of each playlist, so it's easy to switch between them and find the one you want without looking.

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