Blog2009 ≫ Horrible cup of coffee!

Got the special from Starbucks, not very nice. Has my mouth gone wrong?

Learn from your mistakes fool, you know what you want, a black americano, don't be tempted by a daily special - it's probably been simmering away in that jug all morning, this is why it tastes bitter and burnt.

I won't say where I got this coffee from, but the most shocking things are a) I paid for it, and b) I drove to get it! I used to drink the coffee at work but I think they've changed the blend. So, I drove to Starbucks (OK, I will say where it was). Probably won't do that again tomorrow, maybe I bring in a flask from home?

Driving to Starbucks just to get a coffee... remember when I used to be quite green? Man alive though I am tired today, I needed something to perk me up a bit.

Just want to try out a link to here too, as I got this email:

Expedia has some cool new functionality in their Map Search Results landing pages!

All you need to do to use the new functionality is add &fmap=1 to the end of the link.

For example...

The old search results page would look like this2.

By adding &fmap=1 to the end you can access the new functionality, meaning the search results page will now look like this3.

This works with either date or dateless searches. Try it out!

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