Blog2010 ≫ Mysql vs Nosql video

Funny, too geeky for most to actually laugh out loud, but if you have genuinely had conversations like this (I have) you will appreciate it. I twittered this the other day but thought I'd share again here, to remind myself of how I want to change just about ALL of my database usage so I am just storing flat tables in the db, with no joins at all. Get the data out, and do the joins in the code. Radical.

First seen here1 on highscalability.com2, kudos to @markfermor1 and @nilanp for passing it on.

HA! xtranormal.com3 has that same issue I whinged about yesterday, if you connect with Facebook then it reloads xtranormal.com3 in the popup Facebook window. Not good, this is doing my head in!

NOT HA! When other people visit sites that connect with facebook, they connect OK and don't do that "load it in the popup window" thing. And when I tried for the first time in a different browser it seemed to work OK. Sporadic, but mostly failing. Bah.

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