Blog2007 ≫ There was me worried about embarrassing myself...

We have a couple of vacancies on the programming team at work, all the applicants have been given a PHP test to do, and some of the scores had been a bit weak, so the bosses wondered if the test was too hard, so they gave it to all the existing staff to see how we'd do. I was too busy to do it last week but said I'd have a go this week, but was really hoping they'd forget because I didn't want to risk showing myself up against our student placement guy who got 16/20, which was the highest... Today my time came, and luckily I got 19/20, so I'm pleased, and I avoided looking bad...

...until the way home. My neighbour who works at our place has a company car, and as she was going off on a work jolly overnight she gave me the car, and I'll give it back to her at work tomorrow. It's a new BMW, and I'm not used to such high faluting ways, it's quite high tech, doesn't even have an ignition key or anything. You think I crashed it or scraped it or something don't you? Worse than that, I couldn't figure out how to get into reverse, so had to phone her for instructions. This will be all around work tomorrow, I'm wishing I'd just left it in the car park overnight and said nothing.

Back to the test, I was helped out a bit by recognising the trick question in it from things people had said last week, but anyway, GO ME, I am the best. I would have got 20/20 but I dropped half a mark just by forgetting to complete a question before handing it in, and half a mark for not writing a full enough answer... they're lucky I wrote anything at all, I have nearly forgotten how, my hand was cramping up and all sorts, I don't use a pen for anything more than signing my name any more, and I hardly even do that since Clare bought me a rubber stamp and ink pad. My signature for birthday cards now (at least one a day at work) is now a stamped red skull and cross bones.

I was tempted to go on a road trip overnight, maybe a booze run to France or something, but after the palaver with getting started I've just left the car in a parking space that's easy to get out of and called it a day.

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