Blog2005 ≫ MARVELLOUS weekend then

It's all about the pictures this weekend, which I don't have to hand, so I must transfer, upload, and edit them into this post later... Friday my cousin had a baby, welcome to the world Keira Patel, and then Friday night Clare had a hair trial for the wedding. She came home less than happy that she had to keep rollers in all night, so obviously I got a couple of good snaps of them. Saturday was something else hair related (that she had to be rollered for, do I need to keep up with all these details..?) and a makeover for her, and a new haircut for me too. Also we had a barbecue, a visit from our London flatmate Emma, and a night down Chambers too... was fairly quiet in the pub as most people were out looking for a pub with a garden, so inspired by this I added find me a pub with a garden action to my interactive folkestone map.

Sunday was fabulously hot everywhere, so we took a stroll down to the beach an the harbour area of Folkestone. It was jam packed with sunburnt types, like some kind of damn coastal holiday resort. Makes it worth the commuting and stuff for the very rare days a year when we can appreciate the loveliness we have on the doorstep. I have to say it's a bit lovelier without all the people though.

I tried to take a nice panoramic shot of the beach, hope that turns out OK.

Doctor Who I covered below, guess we find out more about Bad Wolf next series. Snoozed my way into work today, so apart from the heat feeling fine and dandy today.

💬 i hope

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