Blog2018 ≫ Today was too busy

I fitted too much in today, and rushed from thing to thing like a crazy bee. From my run first thing, then suddenly remembering the dentist so I didn't really have time for my breakfast. Then to the dentist, and all went well there, so straight to work. Work very busy, but good. This BA credit card theft thing has been good, as it has focussed attention on what I do and I'm able to honestly say "no that could not happen here, precisely because of the work I have been doing". Then because I was late in to work because of the dentist, it meant not leaving early, so a super rush for swimming.

Then the beetle wouldn't start.

Ignition light came on, but it would not turn over. Still guessing it must be the battery I grabbed my USB emergency battery charger from under the seat, connected to the battery, and noticed the solar charger had been disconnected. Probably when the car was in the garage but maybe it just slipped off. So the battery has not had the solar powered top up for I don't know how long, and has run a bit flat. The emergency charger started the car, and all good again with seconds to spare!

Swimming was quite good, though we had the odd situation again of three kids in the lesson, and two teachers, and often my boy just left on his own. That is not a good swimming club we go to. Luckily his confidence has boosted a lot over the summer and he's going to progress well now I think.

Then back from swimming and showers and stories and then it's time for dinner. Just one episode of The Plague and it's time for bed.

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