Blog2018 ≫ Semi successful fathers day meal

Lots of lovely Fathers Day gifts for me this morning along with my breakfast in bed. I got Brett Anderson and Louise Wener's autobiographies, awesome. Plus loads of chocolate and cider.

We went for lunch at Luben, they seemed a bit disorganised today. A bit slow to take our order, then brought our mains before the kids starters had arrived. Maybe it's a thing now like Wagamama where they don't have starters, an excuse to just bring food when it's ready rather than make any effort to get their timings right. Then they forgot to bring my side of garlic and rosemary potatoes until we had finished. The food we had was nice though, I had the "forager" pizza, field mushrooms and wild mushrooms, but with vegan cheese obviously, and washed down with a pint of Neck Oil from Beavertown brewery.

Had a walk around town too, down to the Harbour Arm to see the new big screen TV they have put up in time for the World Cup. It's quite a good set up, I wasn't sure how it was going to work. They have sectioned off an area of the car park that wasn't really being used before, and set up new small bars and food stands in there, and have hay bales and regular seating. They'll be keeping it for showing films too apparently, pretty nice.

We were going to go in a cafe too for cake but no-one was well behaved enough.

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