Blog2018 ≫ Good lunches in Bulgaria, bad dinners

The rest of my trip to Sofia was good, though long days. I struggled to sleep and got confused by the two hour time difference, so I stayed up late and then got up early too. For lunch on the first day we went to quite a fancy Italian place and I had bruschetta and some kind of lentil fritter dish that was very good. Didn't seem to spend a lot of time in the office really, it went very fast. It's the new office just across the road from where I was last time. Very nicely appointed place, and a lovely group of people to work with.

At the end of the day we went to the AWS conference organised by TechHuddle who run the office we were in. One of my workmates was speaking at it, but mostly it was one person from Amazon showing off all the things that they make that we have at our disposal. This site is hosted very inefficiently on AWS, it has inspired me to fix that. Will make it faster and also cheaper if I put a bit of work in. The conference went on a bit long really, so we headed off to eat again at about midnight. Went to Ugo because it was open, though we discounted it on the first night as there was not much for me. There really was almost nothing, I had another plain salad.

Lunch the next day was my favourite of the trip, was only really soups and bread, traditional Bulgarian stuff in a place called Merak but accompanied with a live beer. Relaxed and simple, a very nice lunch. And so cheap too, came to under 40 for all ten of us.

Got some good work done while I was there, my new payment thing is just about working.

The journey home was a drag, we were on a late flight, 19.40 or something. Then Sofia airport is very dull and small, then a three hour flight home (remembered my glasses and snacks and things this time) where I did some more reading. Then a long drive home from Luton. We were picked up, but still it's a long way. Also the M20 was closed in parts and then so was the A20, so I didn't get home until midnight again. I will not travel again if it's from Luton, it's not the right airport for us in the South, though it is very cheap.

I even woke up quite early again the next morning.

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