Blog2005 ≫ It's all go today

It's all go today, The Eagles Farewell Tour. I'd like to see them, but it's 75 quid or so for tix... did this suddenly turn into America? I am almost FEARING KISS coming here again, how much will it be? Wishing I'd seen them at Donington, and also not got quite so squiffy during the one time I did see them...

Doing some work on favelets - little scripts that you save as bookmarks / favourites. Just got a tip from slayeroffice's mouseover DOM inspector favelet for calling favelets remotely, should have done that all along, means I can update them without needing to "reinstall" them on each computer I use... If you don't know what I'm on about here, don't fret, this is of limited appeal. Going to group all my favelets together on here later, probably into whatever comes up when1...

More stuff: LOST podcasts2, having second thoughts about Primal Scream, and a lemur named after John Cleese.

💬 ABC's Official 'Lost' podcast

💬 slayeroffice | Mouseover DOM Inspector

💬 slayeroffice | code | image cross fade redux

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