Blog2007 ≫ Boohoo, I preferred their earlier stuff

This is rubbish1:

Oh, boohoo, i preferred the earlier stuff, now everyone's got an IPOD, it's not fair! What sort of massive 'lord is he anyway if he has to keep taking his computer into the "genius" bar to get it fixed? Just bang it on the desk until it starts working again! Seriously, don't mess with me, when my IPOD gave up the ghost I stuck a knife in it, and I've had no bother since then.

Nice day again today, bright and clear if a bit cooler. Could have done with being at home today, but I would just have got in the wife's way as she's doing her regular day from home. Got a lift in again today from a friendly neighbour, which is a great way to catch up on tales of the other neighbours without having to go to one of the residents meetings. I'm wondering how long I can let my standing excuse of working-in-London-and-getting-home-too-late-for-meetings ride. Next meeting it's sure to come up that I work locally now.

One thing that will come up in the meeting is soundproofing of the flats, and it's not our fault this time, Some of the flats next door are going to go for some soundproofing between the floors, I'm sure it was prohibitively expensive when I looked, plus we'd have to take up the carpets and all the layers of flooring below that to sort it out. Not sure I'll bother.

Hey Ro, what do you mean blog postings are dropping off because people are finding they have nothing to say? I have nothing to say, and look, several more paragraphs of chuff added to the blogosphere...

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