Blog2009 ≫ A hurried lunch at Brockhill Park

Don't know what went wrong, but VERY SLOW service today

Lawks what happened at the cafe at Brockhill Country Park? There's me raving about it to anyone who'll listen and making plans to get back there as frequently as possible, arranged for some friends to come along and meet me there at lunchtime, and it was SO SLOW as to certainly put them off returning. Me I know it can be great (food was still good and cheap) so I'll give it another go but crikey, the queue just was not moving, what on earth was going on? I think that the fellow I think of as "the main man" just wasn't there, someone else was running things and they were not as efficient at all. So, friends, don't jdge the cafe in Brockhill Park by how it was today, it is ace, honest.

What else has been going on? We have settled into a nice little routine now, little one pretty much goes to bed when we say and last night he only woke once in the night for another freed at 4.30, so pretty good going. This week he's just discovered his reflection in the mirror, and today he seems to have become more coordinated, he's striking out at things that are in range and trying to grab them. Just the last few days he stopped enjoying bath time again but I hope that will pass.

Work has been fairly hectic this week but making good progress. Did some interviews, which I don't enjoy but it's good for me to do some not techie work for a change.

Clare is giving little one his pre-bed feed and I'm waiting for the oven to go ping. Tea is all on a tray, a Friday treat, sausages hash browns, onion rings and a vege burger. And beans, not on a tray in the oven but in a dish in the microwave.

John Hughes died today, maybe we will have some kind of tribute film watching, I guess most people are, Ferris Bueller, Breakfast Club, etc. Or, we will think about watching his films, realise we've seen them far too many times and go back to our quizzes. What the hell has happened to Countdown though, where has it gone?

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