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Still no joy from the little computer, so not seen the last episodes of Lost yet. Connected Clare's PSP up to the computer for the very first time yesterday, and converted the episodes to the right format (with thanks to this how to from Engadget1) and all is looking good!

Busy long weekend lined up, we're off to Number 102 tomorrow for a bit of a look round, then some sort of eating and drinking shenanigans on Saturday, and then going on a piratey Hornblower adventure on the high seas on Sunday, which we're rightly looking forward to.

Got lots of offers of work coming in at the moment, that's a good thing! If only any of the monies being offered were up to scratch I'd be laughing.

Happy Birthday Dad! That's the third time I've posted that here, must mean this vanity website has been running for over three years, blimey. Ah yes 8th May was the anniversary...

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