Blog2007 ≫ Canterbury weekender

Had such a great weekend, it's taken me days to recover, and I've not fully gathered my thoughts. I'm in danger of forgetting everything though, so It's time to blat out a mini review.

Friday started how all our Fridays used to start, with a trip to Chambers. We called in at The Frenchman first, as it's closer, and we were just going to have a quiet drink, but all their beers were off and the place is a bit bright and characterless, so we moved on. Chambers was good and busy and just comfortable and nice, and I can't remember why we don't go there so often these days.

Maybe it's because we prefer to go out in Canterbury at every opportunity these days, that's what we had planned for Saturday. We started with our buy one get one free lunch (this offer will surely have expired by the time you read this) in Wagamama, which was tasty gorgeous, but service was a bit slow and sloppy again. I don't think they were that busy even.

UPDATE: Now I've left it a bit late, I really can't remember the full details of everything else we did... I expect we shopped for a bit, just perfunctorily though I'm sure, we put off a lot of the things we really meant to buy until next time, as we knew we were going pubbing and didn't really want to be carrying things like a plate rack and bedspreads around. We did get a [froogle]Kenwood Wizard[/froogle] though, a bit like one of these12, as we had a bit of a food preparing plan for the next day and the box wasn't too big.

Next stop, possibly The Hobgoblin. Probably not the most promising looking of Canterbury pubs, but the beer's good and the jukebox is magic. From there, on to The Cuban, which again looks a bit small and modern from the front door, but it's worth a look inside. Lots of expensive cocktails, we tried a few, and though they were quite showy, they did have the feel of something more authentic, not your TGI Fridays sugar syrup specials here. I think I had a Very Berry Cuban3 (sounds like a tacky ice cream flavour, but was great, with red wine and cinamon and things) and something like a "Dark Night", which was good, but I'm not sure it was worth the extra cash or preparation time. It had a special aged rum in it, which is a bit lost when it's mixed in with Maple Syrup and things. Sounds foul, but, check them out for yourself. Not only have we made plans to go back there next Saturday, but we were so pleased with the place we made plans to go back that very same day, and has some Padron peppers4 from the tapas menu. We went to another pub, which might have been The Hobgoblin again, and now I'm really struggling to remember. The Brewery Tavern, that was it, at the back of the Abode hotel.

Later, there was curry at Apeksha, I know this because I found the receipt, we paid the bill at 21.44 and had Cobra beers, pappadoms, vegetable dansak, chicken tikka jalfrezi, alu gobi, piaj koli alu tamata, keerai poriyal, and rice. I don't remember what all of those are, I remember it was quite nice, but a bit pricey.

On the way home, we stopped in some pub near the station in Canterbury, and then again at a station pub in Dover where we had to change. A good days work I feel.

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