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Haven't reported in for a while, as I didn't really leave the house for a week, but today's ride in on the 106 was really very pleasant, the roads were suspiciously clear... Did last night's humungous amount of rain wash everyone away or what? When we left work yesterday evening the sky was pitch black and there was a constant rumbling of thunder, then by the time I'd got there Finsbury Park was under water, not sure I've seen such heavy rain. During the night it was bad enough to wake me up, I convinced myself the back of the house was going to be washed away.

To combine my hobby of whinging about the bus with my hobby of seeing broken drains, it looked like a couple of the inspection covers on Blackstock Road had sunk into the road, if that needs repairs, then things will be back to normal again, huge jams, etc.

After yesterday's excitement, I'm now not convinced that we'll be completed on the flat this week, it's all down to how quickly the money gets transferred from various places, I think I should have gone to the bank and express transferred.

Avril Lavigne played last night at the Barfly, some sort of special competition gig, glad I didn't try to go, it was rammed to the gills... Sounds like it was a good one for the fans. Apart from the ones who had to wait outside in that rain.

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