Blog2018 ≫ YEAH it ramped up this morning!

Day three of week five of Couch To 5K today. Now the last daily programme was five minutes, then walk, then eight minutes, then walk, then five minutes again, so I was expecting today to be a small step up from that. But no, straight into a twenty minute run with no break. So longer in total, and much longer without a recovery. But I did it, and it was hot out there. And it's still hot out there.

Starting to have problems with Gitlab deploying the site as I move more content in, am I hitting their limits?

Had a dreadful afternoon of work yesterday, I pushed some code up to our staging environment that had a problem, this meant everyone who needed to use it also had a problem. All our tests failed, it was alerted pretty quickly what had gone wrong, and no customers were affected. But my name was mud while I tried to fix this. I was looking in the wrong area for ages so it took me a while to work out why it was broken. There will probably be questions today, now I am back in the office.

Still only one more day after today then a few days off.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

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