Blog2008 ≫ Vegan lasagne

Who'd have thought you could make vegan lasagne? Went for a dinner party last night, very sophisticated, round at Dom and Jen's. Dom and Dean made lasagne for the main course for everybody, with a vegan friendly roast vegetable lasagne for me, and it was brilliant. I brought some new melting pretend cheese from Canterbury Wholefoods to top it off, and it really was great. Luckily there was some left over which I had reheated today for lunch.

The rest of the evening was lovely too, even me spouting off my half believed opinions about the music everyone else likes. I had my first guitar lesson on my new guitar - I played an E chord, it made my fingers really hurt, so I stopped. The guitar is brilliant too, though I really must apologise to all the guitar players out there for having a nice guitar12 with no justification whatsoever.

Rest of the day was no great shakes, we went to Canterbury and it rained all day. Lunch was at Canterbury Wholefoods and was OK; we were deliberately not eating much so as to be hungry for the dinner party later.

Today we walked through the Golden Valley to Tesco to do our shopping, for a bit of a change. Did a bit more work tidying up my map too3, nice to have got that back into shape, please check it out and [reply]feed back[/reply]4. Got Come Dine With Me5, Lost, House and Midsomer Murders to see us through the evening.

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