Blog2006 ≫ Good morning

Every day now we're noticing that it's getting lighter in the mornings, but TODAY we thought we'd overslept (and all our clocks were wrong, and GMTV's clock was wrong, and the church tower clock was wrong) as it was so bright outside. Weird how the sunrise can suddenly jerk forward by quite a chunk in one day. I like to think it got snagged on something, a mountain maybe and was held back further than it should have been last week.

I just finished reading Flight of the Nighthawks1, not really very good at all I didn't think. I have loved most of his other works, but they do all fit into a formula (two boys from humble backgrounds become the mightiest beings the world has ever known, facing hardship and adversity on the way), and I think this time Raymond Feist (the author) has even dispensed with some of the character development. Bit cheesy bringing popular characters back together in this way too, and the advanced status of these characters (in terms of strength, ability, fear factor, every dungeons and dragons or top trumps category) makes you think "It doesn't really matter what scrapes anyone gets into, so and so just has to move his hands mysteriously and the world is alright again". Please, if you see me buying the next one in this series, stop me.

If you've not read any of his books before, um, I've probably just ruined them all for you. The earlier novels are a right rollicking read, and I do recommend Magician1 above any other book I think.

Now I've moved onto Fags and Lager1, a return to the madness of Mangel, a follow up to the fabulously weird and uniquely little and British Dead Folk1. Hmm, uniquely little and British not sure that's right...

Also, achoo, coming down with a cold I reckon, so dosing up on extreme measures of vitamins and things. I would LOVE to just sit at home for a few days, but I really don't like being ill so I'm not sure it's a good trade off.

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