Blog2011 ≫ Lovely weekend

THAT'S how busy it is, Tuesday lunchtime before I get round to thinking about what a lovely weekend I had. Saturday was meant to be my lie in but I was awake early so we went out for a walk to the woods just behind the house. Clare had been and investigated before but I had not. Was really nice, though the boy wanted to stop and put his hands in the dirt constantly, we might as well have gone no further than the flower bed in the garden and he'd have been just as happy. Oh just realised I already did this.

Saturday afternoon Clare went shopping and the boy and I played in the garden, then we headed in to town to meet her. I left the boy with Clare and then RAN as fast as I could to the Leas Lift where there was a beer festival going on all weekend. I just had about three quarters of an our and tried a Rough Old Wife and a Tasty Old Wife cider. Rough Old Wife was much better, the other was too sweet. Don't think it was to everyone's taste though, was quite distinctive. I heard someone comparing it to pickled onions and I definitely got a whiff of smokey bacon too, most odd. Was a lovely afternoon for sitting outside the Leas Lift they'd set out hay bales for comfort. Really good event, shame I could spend so little time there.

Sunday we went swimming, in Deal, back to Tides leisure pool. Was good fun, not quite up to previous visits though as one of the slides was closed. The boy had a great time though.

Hectic at work this week.

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