Blog2005 ≫ A day of doing my head in

Have completely failed to install a thing called HTMLDoc for work, cannot make it not core dump on this machine, so now I'm off looking for other ways to make PDFs with perl. It's making my brane hurt.

Was just doing a survey on someone else's blog and there was a "What were you doing 1 year ago today". And I could look it up! Smart! Wish I'd started this ten years ago. One year from today if I look back I'll not be too impressed with what I was up to. Had a chance to go to the launch party for the new Darkness album1 and decided against it. Went to the launch do of the first album and it was ace, but that time lots of friends went too, we got roaringly drunk on free booze, did karaoke and stayed up late. Now with the long commute home we'd have to leave early, not quite get into it, not know other people there etc, it won't be the same. Thankyou very much for the invite though!

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