PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Permission To Land

An review.

The Darkness have exceeded all expectations with their mighty debut "Permission to Land"1. Favourites like from the live set are reproduced faithfully (ie with volume cranked and all swearing intact, cheers) and new fans will find all of the singles so far in place. Standout song so far is "Stuck in a Rut", with it's "kiss my arse / kiss my arse goodbye" opening, but forthcoming re-release "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" is a majestic and touching piece of work, and full range of emotions within "Love on the Rocks (with no ice)" sends tingles every time.

"Permission to Land" is JD and Coke injected into the eyes by a small army of groupies, it's drowning in a guitar shaped swimming pool full of Jimi Hendrix' vomit, it's a whole lot of excessive cliches, but it's not a parody. The Darkness own their own universe where ROCK is a way of life. Welcome to it gentle listener, in your Top Shop AC/DC t-shirt and Toni & Guy mullett, let's hope you're still here next year...

My only complaints are that a) the album's "copy protected", which means I can't play it on a Windows based computer, b) it's too familiar already, c) got this so late that you've already got it before reading this review, and d) it's so good that it makes it hard to see where they're going next. The joke situations in their first major review from 20012 seem have been reached and beached already, there is possibly only rehab and playing golf with presidents to look forward to.

Keep it Rock Based \m/

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