Blog2003 ≫ IPOD Crash

Seem to have bummed my IPOD, by loading too much into the "notes" folder, possibly too many subdirectories, all a result of trying to archive this site on it... it worked before I tried to split it up into sub folders, and made great (but obviously very vain) reading on the train down to Fareham, but now it's causing it to crash and hang, so maybe there's a limit on the number of sub-folders the note reader can cope with. I don't think I'm near the 1000 note limit...

Also no joy on installing the new hard drive, I don't have any power leads and am not sure whether I can just steal the one off the CD drive, in case I then can't get that working again... I need to read up on it more, and maybe wait until the new year. At least things are working now!

Listening now to the original of1 Clare is exercising in the front room to a Blur DVD2,)and I'm quite pleased to say I did 7k on the bike this morning myself... it's not going to be a resolution or anything, but I will try and do more than I've done over the last month...

Am using MSIE instead of Mozilla right now, as it's also started hanging, coincidentally on the same day the version I use at work stopped behaving. That's a different version, on a different platform, which is weird. Disappointed to notice that my javascript on this page doesn't work, so will sort that, and also I need to do some tweaky stuff with meta tags...

Today we will mostly be staying in and playing with Christmas presents, including the camera and SSX 33. And maybe a bit of cleaning.

5k: Five kilometres, about three miles in old money.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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