Blog2007 ≫ Ooh I totally goosynced

read everyone elses paranoid complaints here1, in an Engadget2 story on it from last year, when it was new and things. Seems good so far, I've had this IPAQ for three or four years without using the calendar, now I'm all synced up with the calendar I really do use, sweet.

Speaking of Engadget2, sad to hear they've decided to stop doing their podcast. That was one of the only ones I listened to semi regularly, so now what am I left with? Podcasting is a great idea, but all the content out there is pretty poor. I'll listen to Jay and Jack's LOST podcast3 when it comes back, even though I know that one is fairly poor. In the meantime I'm listening to dharmalars.net4, which now they're not talking about Lost is really just Beavis and Butthead talking about geek films they like. It's compelling, like listening in on someone elses conversation on the way to work, except that they talk about things I'm interested in, unlike the people whose conversations I do eavesdrop on on the way to work.

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