Blog2012 ≫ Olympic torch came by here today

Clare and the boy went to watch but I was at work. People at work rushed out to wave at the bus as it went past work (no actually torchbearers or procession at that stage, just a convoy), but somehow got the wrong bus... Someone at work was a torch bearer, and was supposed to be bringing the torch in to work for people to see, but seems to have changed their mind now. I'm not the only one not in the olympic spirit then.

My birthday shed arrived yesterday too, very exciting. I need to wait for a dry day to try and assemble it though, right now it looks like this:

Not long now until I am officially over the hill. Seeing some friends and family at the weekend, then got a nice free day off on the day itself, with which we will be going to London.

Very easy to forget it is Clare's birthday that day too, I must remember to get her something...

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