Blog2012 ≫ In the money (hooray for the lawyers)

Got a surprise cheque in the post today, I had forgotten that the solicitor dealing with the flat sale held back some money. When the buyer's solicitor asked the management company (my old neighbours, we jointly owned the freehold) if there were any extra expenses likely to come up they said "oh yes we're definitely going to replace the drive soon"... I didn't think it likely, one person kept bringing it up and everyone else kept shouting it down all the time I lived there. As a gesture of goodwill we said we'd contribute if it came up any time soon, and the solicitor held this money in trust. It's now been long enough, and surprise surprise no sign of the new drive, so the solicitor returned the money to me. Kerching! This will be about cleared at the same time as this month's pay, maybe time for a massive spend up! Or more likely, just bank it. It's only 250, not like I'm going to buy a new telly with it, but still a nice bonus amount of cash.

I did some more work on my mp3 chart, I realised auto tagging the genres of artists was no good, I need the genres of tracks - no sense in tagging Smashing Pumpkins with "session" just because I listen to some session version of some track a lot. Here's my artist chart of the week, plus my track chart... Hmm I think I left it playing Megadeth while I went out of the room:

Chart of the week

  1. Everlong (live)
  2. Electioncast: Sunak and Labour's Final Sunday Pitch
  3. Electioncast: The End Is In Sight…
  4. 537: No Such Thing As The Notorious British Institute of Graphologists

And top artists of the week

  1. Newscast
  2. Foo Fighters
  3. No Such Thing As A Fish
  4. More or Less: Behind the Stats
  5. Faith No More

(this is a live updating chart, so will be what I've listened to most recently, rather than what I was listening to on the day I wrote this blog post).

Man alive my listening of music changes wildly from week to week, mostly based on me leaving the player on in the background. I do have an eclectic mix of music tastes, honest.

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