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My last day at this job started with my last delayed train on the way in to this job, fifteen minutes late, though I hardly noticed as I slept quite well on the way in. I suffered the grimness of the last blocked train toilet on this commute too, blee, it was like a hot Glastonbury. People were sat by this loo with the door open, it was foul, why would they just be sat there? I stopped for my last morning coffee from Hatton Garden Pret a Manger, and had the last frustrating wait there while everyone was served around me. When the manager there is great, it's fast efficient service, but when he's away they're really sloppy. I don't entirely like the McDonalds like service technique with all the shouting and running about and taking several orders before actually getting the first one out, but when it works it works well. When it doesn't work, it's like some awful imitation of life, they remember the "take lots of orders and shout" bit, but they get a bit lost after that and no-one gets their food or drink. Anyway, that's my last time to be annoyed by that.

Feeling a little bit ropey today, I'm a bit too hot and my skin feels waxy and my belly is gurgling. I spent my last Sunday afternoon with this job the next day in the pub. Clare and Jenny went for a spa day (Ayuvedic whatever that is) yesterday, and they'd decided in advance that if there was to be no sitting around the pool sipping champagne at the spa, then we'd be going somewhere for a glass or too when they got back. There was no booze, so we went to Sandgate in search of some. We quickly discounted Gate 28 as they didn't have any cold, pah, but Bar Vasa came up with the goods, at a good price, and we sat out on their terrace for a few bottles, and it was very nice. Got home too late to cook so had a takeaway curry for a very rare treat.

The rest of the weekend (working backwards) was also good, Sunday I mostly sat in front of the computer doing some programming things, practicing some AJAX techniques and fiddling with the websites. Saturday night Clare and I went to The Harbour and The Ship, and Saturday daytime we were at a very posh hotel in Eastbourne for Clare's Gran's 90th birthday. [place]Eastbourne[place] is a long way, it was not a hilarious drive there and back, but the food was good and it was nice to see some people we'd only normally see at weddings. Friday night I think we stayed in, that's a bit too long ago for me to remember now. I know Friday afternoon I was at a sort of interview, and that was good, fingers crossed the company have the same ideas I do. And that was my weekend in reverse order.

The very thing I've been looking for on ebay for ages has finally showed itself, it's another wardrobe1, but the bidding on it is ferocious already, and it's collect only from up in Oxford, so I don't mind linking to it here, think I'm going to have to pass on it. The same person is also selling a tallboy, like we have, and want. If it was Kent, or even London I'd go for it I think. But no.

TOMORROW, my first day after my last day, I'm up as early as if I was going to work, being collected by car and heading to Stanstead and that's as much as I know so far. It's a brother in law's stag do, and the best man is telling NO-ONE where it is we're going. Only clues we have are that the temperature will be about the same as it is here, but it might rain, and we need Euros. We think the temperature clue writes off Dublin and Amsterdam, but we're not sure...

Just to reiterate, today is last day.

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