Blog2004 ≫ No-one told me Stokey would be like this

Working from home again today, and there's someone playing Metallica out in the back garden (downstairs or next door), what's that all about? I don't want to put my stereo on as it'll look like I'm competing with them. I thought it was all new agey round here, not metal? Also I was going to put on some Belle and Sebastian, but that will sound really weedy by comparison... hmm, it was something weedy off the Black Album, but now it's BATTERY, ace.

We went to The Defoe, and also Testis last night, an Anatolian restaurant on Stoke Newington High Street that we've been to before. They serve lambs testicles in there, though I went for the stuffed aubergine.

💬 working at home

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