Blog2007 ≫ Site's been away for a few hours

The blog is back, dressed in black...

Maybe it's still away now, maybe you can't read this, maybe no-one reads this anyway, whatever, the site has been away for a few hours because the hosting company1 have moved me onto another machine because I was getting too many hits and that.

Funny old week at work, very busy but don't feel I've really achieved very much, got moved from my top priority project to a priority zero project (ie higher) because that was also coming up close to deadline and the person who was doing that has been moved off to a priority minus one project of some description.

Had a quiet few days without the lovely wife, who is off in Nice. This means I can watch what I want on TV and eat whatever I like! Turns out I don't like to eat the stuff I like as much as I thought I did, and I like to watch the same things as I do when Clare is here, but I've not enjoyed them quite so much on my own.

Tomorrow going out on a wild mushroom hunt at a secret location in the morning, and then not going to Canterbury for lunch for the first time in ages... Not sure what to do with the rest of the weekend, reckon I ought to surprise the wife by finishing off those jobs around the house I keep putting off, like cleaning, hoovering, washing, ironing, putting all the broken bits of computers away etc...

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