Blog2009 ≫ Thirty-seven!

Belated happy birthday me, had a lovely day, cheers all

Lawks, thirty-seven years young today! Happy birthday to my good lady wife too who shares my birthday but not my advanced age.

Met up for lunch today at Brockhill Country Park, there is an all vege cafe there that is absolutely brilliant. Got some lovely gifts, wine and money mostly, who could ask for more than that?

Busy day at work, the day has just flown by! Residents meeting tonight, but a) it's my birthday, b) bath time for little one, c) we're probably going to sell up soon, I figure why break the habit of a lifetime and actually go. I might pop in just to say hi and tell them about the valuations we've received. Might not though, in case everyone decides to put theirs on the market at the same time!

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