Blog2007 ≫ Back to the weekend

I knew I'd written a few things this morning and forgotten to hit the send button, but didn't realise I'd turned the computer off as I ran out the door. I was about to blame the PC crashing, but it was all human error this time. So what did I have to say that was so fascinating? I guess we'll never know.

Saturday, for a change, we headed to Canterbury, intending to do about five minutes shopping, have lunch, and come home ready to go out for the evening here. We diverted via Etchinghill to see the">new baby (ooh, my flickr pro account expires today, guess I'll renew for another year) so we were a little later getting to town than we'd planned. Straight in to Wagamama without shopping, then straight to The Dolphin still with no shopping. At this point Clare saw the big stack of different Trivial Pursuits, and so we were trapped there for the afternoon. We got a late bus back home just in time to call into The Ship for a pint and then to dinner at Escondido. What a great day!

Actually it wasn't 100%, Escondido had a bit of an off day, forgetting my starter, then bringing me the wrong main, then rushing my second main out so fast that it wasn't really cooked. Fair play to them, they knocked 50% off our bill. Also (not their fault) they've changed the menu, and messed with the Bunuela pudding, adding chocolate to it, boo.

Sunday we caught up with our shopping, and went back to Etchinghill as we were in a bit of a rush on the Saturday. It's a nice place, nice enough for Clare's mum and dad to have followed her brother in moving there, they're buying a house two doors along from him...

Good week at work so far, productive.

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