I will work out what the treadmill costs per go

I will work out what the treadmill costs per go

Bit of fun, everyone says we won't use the treadmill much. It will be back on ebay within six months, possibly used as an expensive drying rack before then. Well we'll see won't we! Clare actually used the exercise bike a hell of a lot, we got the original fifteen years ago or more and it's been used most days since then. We are on the second one. I don't use it at all, I don't like it.

I am working out price paid per go and that will appear with my next lot of run stats. I went on it three times yesterday, so working out at only about a hundred pounds a go so far...

It will only count my goes, not Clare's, and at the moment only if I remember to trigger a treadmill event on my fitbit. I will improve that with the raspberry pi skills, some clever detection. But not yet.

Here we go!

raspberry pi: Credit card sized super cheap computer, awesome.

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Mon Jan 28 2019

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