Blog2006 ≫ Going underground

Half day today, it's the day of the great lunch outing, going with some buddies on a tour of Down Street Underground Station this afternoon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Down Street, also known as Down Street (Mayfair), was a station of the London Underground's Piccadilly Line which closed in 1932. During World War II it was used as an air-raid shelter, notably by Winston Churchill and his War Cabinet. It is now disused.

Disused and hopefully creepy and interesting.

Got some holiday lined up, booked into Doubletree Grand Key Resort1 for May, WOO "free shuttle service" - we can go into space from there! We've also got some kind of dolphin experience lined up. I am wary of dolphins, don't know why, not sure if I've seen one up close or not. I think we went to some sort of captive dolphin exhibit on a holiday once, maybe in Malta. Anyway, this time we go swimming with them in a lagoon.

Got my first ebay auction purchase yesterday through the post, some out of print books for a nephew's birthday... and they sent me the wrong books. Assumed at first I'd bid on the wrong auction, but no, so waiting to hear back what the seller's going to do about it. Hopefully they've not sent the books I really bid on to someone else yet, I only actually want one of them. I'm ready with my finger on the bad feedback button if they give me any grief, and will be seeking my money back through paypal.

Popex is still down, the hosting centre had an incident of some kind yesterday, all the sprinklers went off and no-one was allowed acces to the machines. This was earlier in the day, and didn't affect The Beast (that's the name of the server) but when I fscked and rebooted later in the day, it didn't come back online. Someone's there now, should be just a few key presses on the terminal, fingers crossed everybody. I did backups yesterday and the day before, so should all be cool whatever... should...

Done a little restyling on here, some work on the "What was I blogging about this time last year?", still more to do but I think it's looking alright so far...

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