Blog2011 ≫ Here you go birds

Got a bird feeder and some herbs, a nice relaxing weekend...

Went to Alkham Valley Garden Centre yesterday (what a great place) and bought a bird feeder, some herbs and things to help them grow. What a great place, have been past it before but didn't expect it to be so big or so nice. Well worth a visit. Haven't planted the herbs in the wall trough that we bought yet, maybe later today, but I have hung the bird feeder up.

Took a break there, post paragraph, and I have now fixed the wall trough to the back fence near the bird feeder, and planted my parsley, sage, tarragon and thyme. Yeah, but, we already have loads of rosemary anyway, a big bush of it growing in the ground, it was here when we got here. Probably some basil would have been more useful but they didn't have any, maybe it's the wrong time of year, but possibly it's not hardy enough to put outside like the others.

The bird feeder works, this morning we had robins, blue tits and chaffinches all in the garden at the same time. Quite a lot of the seed was on the floor around it, so I'm worried something bigger has got hold of it and given it a good shake. Hopefully not the big mouse.

The boy says "here you go, birds" quite a lot, he likes to feed them, though we are having to mostly discourage it in the garden because of the big mouse.

Enjoyed the rugby yesterday, I recorded both games because we were out at the garden centre, but then deleted the Italy / France match without watching it or checking the score, what a mistaka-to-maka! Italy beat France in a very close game. We settled down to watch Ireland / Wales which was great, also pretty close. Another 2 minutes and Ireland might have done it. Of to Dom's this afternoon, not just to watch the game, oh no, if it is on the background then so be it, primarily we are going because it is the twins birthday.

Has been a lovely weekend, slighty elongated as I took Friday afternoon off again. I have the next two Fridays off too, sweet!

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