Blog2005 ≫ Shut outside the office in the cold for AN HOUR!

Dang, due to a combo of training days, meetings, and days off there was no-one to open the office today, so the few of us who were in early were stood outside in the cold until someone finally came in.

Tired today, did sleep on the way in, but not feeling rested. Maybe I stayed awake too late trying to figure out what was going on in Angel... We started watching again last night after a long break, and it's not as good as we remember. We just lost a main character, AND an even more main character just went BAD. No spoilers though please, I know we're far behind everyone here.

Tonight on Lost (thanks to radiotimes.com1) the hit American series focuses on the intriguing character of Sayid, who solves the mystery of the French transmission but stumbles into a trap... looking forward to this! Only just discovered the Sunday repeat this weekend, but this week we're watching it LIVE. Again, no spoilers, I know lots of people have downloaded and watched the whole series.

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