Blog2010 ≫ All settled in the new house

Will have internets at home from tomorrow, back at work now.

I should have some pictures or video, but that would be too organised. Mostly unpacked now. Finding all the stairs and stair gates inside a bit of a struggle going from a flat to a three story house, but can't complain!

Some bits are a mess still but the living and dining rooms are brilliantly freshly decorated and so is the boy's room, so big thanks to all the helpers from the weekend.

Back in work today. Bus was nice and quick and easy but much more expensive than the train was, I thought it would be cheaper, will have to work out a season ticket. Could not do it today as I did not have the cash. Feeling a bit broke, keep finding new things we have to buy, but we are still above water, in the black, so that is good.

Speaking of water, super heavy rain yesterday and today. We had glorious sunshine for our moving day though, really made the best of the position of the house, the view and the balcony and that. Felt like being on holiday.

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