Blog2005 ≫ Working from home

Got a few / Mac issues it seems, the game sets a cookie so it knows you're logged in, but it seems to be losing this for users on a Mac... I don't have a Mac I can use at work, so doing this work from home. I love working from home, saves me the hours drag into work and then the hours drag home again, and I get my drinks for free, and I can use my lunch break to do something useful, like tidy up and eat a hot dinner.

Did a big old upgrade of popex yesterday, newer versions of operating system things so I can hopefully speed it right up.

Not able to reproduce the issue of being logged out on this iMac (OS9.2) but I am noticing that my PC doesn't like keeping connected to the internet while I'm using the Mac... I thought the router was supposed to sort all that out?

💬 iMac

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