Blog2006 ≫ I can't remember any of my passwords...

Dang, nearly two weeks off, I've completely forgotten how to work, and I'm not the only one. Expecting lots of support type calls today saying the systems are not working, not accepting passwords, and it's just that everyone's forgetting. Windows password rememberer is fatal. It's not all everyone else's fault though, I've got a full hard disk on our intranet machine that I should have prepared for, it's stopping things working and I'm in the midst of that now. How can I still be having time to write here you ask? Well, I'm moving humungous files from one partition to another, this is taking a while... I think it's a huge directory full of bounced mail that's done it.

Buy a lottery ticket over christmas? We did for a few draws, no results, but at least we checked our tickets1... Poor sucker!

Enjoying (in a gruesome kind of way) this stabilised Zapruder footage of JFK's assasination2, here's something about the original footage being faked3, and you can clearly see here who actually did it4. I think there's been some messing about going on. Thanks to boingboing.net5 and WFMU6. I must have got to this through or digg.com7, so start your new year as you mean to go on and bookmark those two.

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