Blog2018 ≫ Dentist went well

They did a repair to an old sealant I had on a tooth, that I don't remember. I remember the tooth but not having anything done. I had an anaesthetic so my face has been oddly numb most of the day. Apart from that I've had a little pootle about on my spontaneous day off, so definitely aced my step count. I had to go to Superdrug to pick up some coloured hair spray for the boys book day costumes tomorrow, as the wigs we ordered still did not arrive. I have not been to the pub, seeing as it's a day off I should probably go to the pub. I had to be back to pick them up from school, so no real opportunity.

Work have closed the office tomorrow but I'm going to work from home anyway. I did offer to take the day off and drive Clare to and from work initially, but then I remembered we have a plumber coming at 9am, so now I'm not.


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