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New term

Good grief where did that week off go? It does seem like ages since I was last at work, but it doesn't feel like it was a week off. I'm sure it doesn't to the boys either. Just setting up all their online lessons, and then I'll wake them up.

Looks like they'll be back at school proper two weeks from today.

I hope we'll see this cautious reopening of schools does not increase the death toll (obviously), I expect we'll see it was the incompetent and inconsistent messaging around christmas that caused the big problems.

We might be back in pubs, well outside pubs, by Easter then? Or a bit later. We went for a walk yesterday that took in our regular sit-and-play-top-trumps spot from the summer yesterday.

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Dad is safely home from hospital again, and all is fine!

Country cases deaths
USA 28636856 507968
Brazil 10081693 244955
Mexico 2022662 178108
India 10976776 156240
UK 4095269 119920
Italy 2780865 95235
France 3560764 83964
Russia 4139031 82396
Germany 2381259 68118
Spain 3133122 67101
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Mon Feb 22 2021

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