Blog2006 ≫ Indian summer

Nice day again today then, I thought when the weather turned a bit ropey on the first of the month that we were due six months of winter... going to be in the eighties today, and looking good for our weekend too.

Several more job applications in, nothing's come up yet, I think that a) I don't interview very well, b) I've spent too long working on my own, and c) who thought hand written programming tests were a good idea? I've had a bundle of these now, and not only have I mostly forgotten how to use a pen, I don't think I've ever tried to write code "cold" before, without being in some sort of environment that made it easy to see syntax errors, and to be able to check man pages and things

It could be turning up in my pants has done me more harm than a few syntax errors, but just in case - hey everyone, handwritten programming tests are bad!

Todays task (apart from finding a job that doesn't involve relocating): waiting for someone from the water board to come round to see if they can fit a water meter. If they can or if they can't, it should still mean a reduction of a hundred quid or so off our water bills, we've been on some rip-off estimated family rate since we moved in here apparently. All these hundred quids will help, I'll soon compensate for us being a one income family right now.

Anyone want to buy a bike? How about a telly?

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